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The Stars are…Angels.

Once upon a night, not long ago, on the evening of December 29, 2005 while Christmas was cradling Earth between his wings, one star brightened the darkness over the Land of dreams and hopes. Sixty five angels filled the air with swirls of dances and rays of prayers, spreading glitters of heavenly joy on people praising the magical moment.

It was a wonderful vision: Angels performing on stage! At Casino du Liban! For one single night, the angels were “The casino stars”. Angels indeed! For the sixty five dancers, many of them no more than toddlers (!)

More surprisingly, just amateurs who learned dancing skills at the “Professional Dance School” of “Nada Sahlani, were filled with the arousing spirit of deep faith in the All Mighty. Successfully they accomplished the mission regularly assigned to the heavenly messengers: to bring the Good Word to all people.

In fact the whole show is not only performed by “angels” but also placed under their “patronage” and inspired by these divine muses. It is meant to celebrate the holy messengers and to honor them!

Initially destined to be a concrete representation of one entire year of students and teachers efforts, the show offers a subtle combination of so different, if not inconceivably matching ingredients: Ages of dancers ranging between 4 and 23, “opponent” sorts of dancing whether classical, divine, theatrical, Spanish, and oriental jazz, etc., They apparently contradicted the themes. Some were portraying light comedy while others were advocating deep worship.

How strange! Are these hens and chicks invading the stage? Or is it you breaking into a henhouse? It is a whole scenery of peeping, pecking and… laying eggs!

And what are those other noises? Hard workers are mounting roofs, hammering, tacking nails, unaware of others trapped into buckets of paint, limping along, trying to get over their…misfortune! Is the “Casino du Liban” theater being renewed? Oh no! It is the huge tent of a circus coming to town hastily pitched! In the meantime, the merry procession of monkeys, elephants, giraffes, clowns and ballerinas presents to the audience a most joyful parade. More unpredictable happenings occur on stage: Swirling cakes wishing “happy birthday” to some mysterious reveler, Greek goddesses getting in contact with the beyond through inspiring movements, immaculate swans drifting on waves of emotions…

The show magnificently and smoothly itinerates between prayers, desires, hopes and wishes raised as offerings to the Lord. The latest Arabic hits, unexpectedly but definitely was well combined to ballet steps. Nancy Ajram and Amal Hijazi would not believe their eyes and…ears!?

But, “behind the scenes”, one spirit is granting the show its unity: Faith! During every moment of the 90 minutes of the show. Moving bodies bring to the wondering minds this grand revelation. And the star shining upon, showing the way, leading the cattle of hearts, this time claimed a name: Nada Sahlani.

Sahlani describes the spectacle as the “ultimate pleasure of living the so many different phases of an interactive work and various kinds of dance molded in one inspiration”.

Profits of this highly appreciated performance are dedicated to charity work undertaken by “Les Apôtres de la Miséricorde divine, Faustinum Liban”, and more specifically to the welfare of two families in need. The “Casino du Liban” contributes in this donation effort since the very first presentation given at its theater on June 13, 2005. Needless to say that it gracefully grants its theater and all organizational requirements needed. The Lebanese Civil Defense also took part in cheering up the children, young and…less young! Its officers fetched Santa Claus from as far as the North Pole, and showed him the way to “Casino du Liban”, bringing along a huge amount of cheer to the gathering.


“I love variety in my show. I love the music of all countries. I love my students.”

Nada Sahlani cannot pronounce two consecutive words without mentioning love, as if it is an ultimate sigh of her deep passion for dance and…God! In fact, she has given back to dancing its ancient credentials as the authentic expression of praising God.

Having brilliantly obtained her diplomas from the “Ecole de danse de Genève” and the “Royal Academy of dancing in London”, and improved her techniques by taking part in many performances (England, Switzerland, Nigeria, France, Tunis, Lebanon), Sahlani taught classical as well as oriental dance and introduced the oriental dance into the world of classical ballet.

She elaborated choreography on points implementing Arabic rhythms. As she points out, “Classical ballet enables approaching national and ethnical dances. I encourage my students to learn all kinds of dances. Thus the show becomes a unique melting pot. This “melting pot” is my distinctive mark. I put up this concept when I presented “La poupée enchantée” in 1994.”

One of Sahlani’s intimate wishes is to broaden the appreciation dedicated to classical ballet in Lebanon and consequently, to create more elaborated shows, conformable to international standards, in order to “export” them all over the world with the support and patronage of the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

Sahlani is well acquainted with the stages…of “Casino du Liban”. Since the age of twelve, she performed in many shows presented at the “Theater of Casino du Liban” as well as on its “Terrasse” and in its “Salle des Ambassadeurs”: “Casino du Liban” being such a grand name in the world of show business, and so well and uniquely equipped in terms of lighting, surround sound system, and most important the relevant quality of the wooden parquet so essential for dancing… Plus it has personally such intimate souvenirs related to its stages and back stages. What better choice could I have made if not presenting my show in its theater?

Following her instinct or more accurately “a holy inspiration” as she insists, implying being “shown the way” to fulfill all kinds of achievements by a divine guide, Sahlani is none the less an inspiration all by herself.Her students so deeply attached to her to the extent of sharing her passion for dance and her intimate and sacred convictions. Also the spectators are rapidly moved by her irrevocable commitment towards “her children”, “her dancing” and her deeply rooted faith. For some brief moments, the duration of her show and some time beyond, they drift along her excitement for exquisite dancing, for charity, work and love of God.

In the eyes of many of her admirers, Nada Sahlani shows the “Path” to greatness…of the heart. Is not this, by all means, being a “Star”?

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